Selection of tutorials and DIY

Manouche’s selection of sewing tutorials & DIY

Nice modern projets to sew without patterns and DIY to optimise your scrap fabrics.
Here is Manouche’s selection for smart sewing projets. No waste allowed!

A blanket : DIY for an easy project

A tutorial without pattern and no waste of fabric. Easy, nice, usefull.

Sewing a blanket for your own self or as a present, what a cool and nice project! Who hasn’t dreamed of a cosy blanket to wrap into?
Manouche fabrics are perfect for this type of project. Let’s go!

Cotton nazca – baby size 120x140cm
Viscose prairie – adult size 140×160

In terms of supplies you will need a fabric for each side. It can be the same or, as in the example, Nazca cotton paired with a false fur fabric.
You will also need a thicker fleece for the middle layer, to ‘stuff’ the blanket.
I did a quick tutorial video to show the different steps to follow!

DIY & tutorials : an upcyling selection!

Here is a selection of ideas I found here and there to easily use all of your fabric scraps. Beginner friendly as always on Manouche, these projects really nice and totally suitables as handmade presents.

Edition tissus, boutique eshop tissus au mètre, tissus uniques colorés, imprimés

just a pillow case

An easy project to use the end of your fabric. You can also destroy into little pieces your fabric scraps to stuff the pillow. A zero waste process!

to watch asap!

Already in english for once! Go to Aleandra Burnett’s channel for a serie of GREAT ideas to keep in mind for futur projects!

little travel bags

My very first sewing tutrial ever! This one is by Marion Blush. Just perfect to use little pieces of fabrics!

Double sided makeup wipes by Manouche

Like a glove

The Manouche wipes can be flipped so you can use both side of it to wash your face.
This little project will use small amount of fabric and will also contribute to a zero waste bathroom!


In terms of supplies, there is not much. Choose a soft quality of sponge fabric if you don’t have it already. I like organic bamboo for my face. It is soft and nice especially for makeup removal.

Good to know : Manouche fabrics are available starting very low quantity, 10cm only !

Kimono DIY : a must have for every season, on every occasion

Amoung sewing must have / must sew DIYs, the kimono is a super basic garment to hang in your closet. It will be easy to wear in every season, from casual to more sophisticated occasions!
Here is the tuto I have used for mine but you will find a ton of cool tutorials on YT

The viscose Manouche collection will be amazing for your kimono project!

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