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Happy fabrics maker !

Born in Toulouse in 2019, Manouche is a micro indie fabric brand. I create very personnal patterns for fabrics. My goal is to step out, following no codes or any trends.

A journey to fabric design…

I have worked in interior design, praticed drawing, painting and then I discovered sewing. After a while I decided to conbine all of my desires to create Manouche.

Manouche is a happy experience, a mix of colors and wandering inspirations. Always on the go, my designs are crossing my doodlings with the colors I see everyday.

The way my fabrics are produced is a very central topic in my company owner’s journey. Quality and printing technics are being scruted all along the process.

Manouche fabrics are oeko-tex certified and produced in Europe

Interview réalisée par Au boulot cocotte #toulousecreative

The Manouche fabrics, the online boutique & You

The Manouche website is also designed to be a promenade space on which you can find sew tips, selections of tutorials, free patterns and latest news about the online store.

I really hope you will enjoy on the Manouche space, visit the online store et have fun sewing Manouche designs.

Please let me know if you have feedbacks and share your pics of your creations on socials with tag #manouchetissus

If you have any question, please contact me trough email or DM ob any socials. I will always answer to you.

Have fun & enjoy


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